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Exam Results Administrative Page

This is an administrative page allowing the association to access exam grades. A page where candidates may view their own scores can also be provided.

CourseCodeNameScoreExam Date
Communications in Organizations226189Jane Doe02017-Dec-17 02:33
Communications in Organizations170672John Doe402017-Dec-17 02:30
Communications in Organizations290128diva602017-Dec-13 12:31
Communications in Organizations189097Lina202017-Dec-12 05:58
Communications in Organizations169108Test802017-Dec-11 05:48
Communications in Organizations222500Adam Wiseman602017-Dec-08 03:02
Communications in Organizations418252 gaby202017-Dec-08 01:15
Communications in Organizations394849Rosanne Zimmerman202017-Dec-05 10:14
Communications in Organizations861997Neil202017-Dec-02 09:35
Communications in Organizations989994Jason Cheung402017-Nov-29 10:26

Exams Written: 1575
Average Score: 35 %