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Exam Results Administrative Page

This is an administrative page allowing the association to access exam grades. A page where candidates may view their own scores can also be provided.

CourseCodeNameScoreExam Date
Communications in Organizations746538Arshad Bhatti602017-Mar-09 04:13
Communications in Organizations851509Dan Heffernan402017-Mar-07 09:17
Communications in Organizations134926ramila402017-Mar-06 11:39
Communications in Organizations588622c402017-Feb-17 04:35
Communications in Organizations402317Lourdes Rankin402017-Feb-15 12:46
Communications in Organizations834534Lori402017-Feb-07 03:20
Communications in Organizations958177Lori Claxton202017-Feb-07 03:13
Communications in Organizations827214s 602017-Jan-25 06:33
Communications in Organizations299220SHERI 402017-Jan-25 06:25
Communications in Organizations808393ben402017-Jan-22 09:13

Exams Written: 1432
Average Score: 35 %